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Who are We?

       Who are We?  I believe that humanity represents a single race, which attempts to improve the world, which attempts to live Peacefully & has thus far failed but has made great strides, and that together, through the internet we may come to realize a unified identity.  That this need not be frightening, as the internet is voluntary, and as such, if one disagrees with the majority on how to engage on pushing forth their thoughts or acting on their dreams then they cannot be victimized as association through the internet is voluntary, not coercive. 

               In a research paper I completed on the construction of a unified Filipino identity I wrote that: 

“In order to create a national identity, to bring a national consciousness into existence, there must first be leaders in that society to create, through the written or spoken word, the picture for others to see.  Nationalism, by its very nature, is often crafted artificially.  Nationalism creates the feeling in the public of a unified identity, in spite of their differences and in recognition of their similarities.  Nationalism is a tradition which establishes social unity, a feeling of being part of something greater than oneself, a feeling within a society that they can trust leaders & follow them in their mapping for the collective consciousness, or national consciousness.  This tradition makes one feel that there is a unified, or shared, national consciousness.  This tradition(Hobshawn/Ranger, 10).  Nationalism, as well as religion, prior to the internet, were the primary ways in which people were enabled to come together, to attempt to progress their society or their collective consciousness forward…
Also, it’s relevant that I reveal my thesis of the paper, so that you may understand where I’m coming from: 

“My thesis, in essence, will attempt to prove that the Filipino Ilustrados utilized the spoken and written word, to translate existing means of current societal constructs, to attain their desired ends.  They translated existing means which were previously either used to degenerate their social standing, or otherwise had not yet been used to improve it, into something which would instead elevate the social standing of Filipinos.  Further, that these means which they translated had also not yet been used to cultivate a Filipino identity.  This translation enabled Ilustrados to incept a unified Filipiino consciousness.  This is essential, as it led to a unified Filipino consciousness which still exists today, having been first expressed coherently by the Ilustrados.  Then, in closing, I will demonstrate how what the Ilustrados did is still relevant to modern times, as the words of Ilustrados like Rizal continued to impact that national Filipino consciousness” 

“To understand the initial experience of nationalism as the power of transmission, it is necessary to see it from the perspective of a history of translation”-Vincente Rafael (Promise of Translation, 13)
Thus, what I am attempting to do here, is to assist in the continued empowerment of humanity through its unification, and I am going to do so by translating existing means to develop a unified vision of a Global Human consciousness, and by doing so, aspiring that this will assist in the enabling of better-enabling us to push our positive peaceful dreams & aspirations  forward , so that we may paint them into reality.  

               I believe that humanity represents one race as I believe the term “race” to be something which identifies great differences between people whose only true difference rest in pigmentation.  While its also true that Humanity developed and adapted through the evolutionary process from Africa to Asia, from North America to Europe and from South America to the Arctic regions, I believe that any family placed in the region and given the same time to adapt would have those similar adaptations which we often see as something which differentiates us, but I honestly believe Humanity to be one race with difference ethnicities and cultures.  

               We attempt to improve our world through coming together to fix problems, to understand our world better through science & religion, to make life a better experience through expressions of beauty as in Music or Film. 

 There are thousands of organizations all over our world, regardless of the nation in which you live, where people come together to try to improve the world.  One of my best examples of this, which emcompasses people all over the world, is Kickstarter(What is Kickstarter? See: , I’m also a big admirer of Doctors without borders.
In my mind, science religion and philosophy attempt to answer questions about our existence, and through those answers they improve the world.  I believe that science is immensely useful in providing us an understanding,  which is the closest approximation to truth which we may humans limited capacity for knowledge may come to know, in answering How questions(If you’ve yet to appreciate the beauty of science, I recommend Neil Degrasse Tyson’s “Most Astounding Fact” on Youtube”.  Then philosophy and religion, are mans closest approximation to truth, on why?  I argue throughout MakeLifeBetter that religious conflict are not conflicting in values, but rather are conflicting on  definitions(who, what, when, where, why questions).  If you’ve yet to appreciate religion, through your healthy skepticism of religious text, then I’d implore you to check out this book “Quantum Physics , Human consciousness, religion, and the human soul “  wherein the Author states the books purpose as:

“To teach the subject of Quantum Physics to the lay reader in math and terminology that is simple to understand, to describe how and why reality, this Universe is interdependent with consciousness in order to exist, to describe this mechanism, how we interact with this finite Universe in a tangible argument that is suitable within the formal definitions of Quantum Physics as well as the philosophies and Religions of Man, to dismiss the urban myths and misconceptions in science that suggest our existence as finite, to present a working definition for consciousness that is suitable to Quantum Physics as well as the philosophies of Man, to establish that this definition for consciousness requires infinite, unique existence, to describe that this working definition for consciousness requires infinite, unique existence, to describe that this working definition for consciousness eliminates paradoxes in science, philosophy, and religion, to draw a well definied line between cognitive belief system and Faith: an aweness of oneself as an infinite being as being tangible and real, not a belief”- William Joseph Bray (Physcist and Chemist by education, worked in Pharmaceutical Research Chemistry for 20+ years)

               Humanity, the vast world-over , attempts to live in Peace., and yet we often do so in a way which is counter-intuitive.  Our nations fight, as we are persuaded that another nation violates our ability to live peacefully.  There are times when this is surely true, great examples being the Communist former Soviet Union, and the former National Socialist Germany.  Yet all too often, we are too easily persuaded to go to war, without exhausting peaceful means, as the poltiicians and corporations whom benefit from war push us towards it.  Also, through the internet we are empowered to come together to create peace (I solidify this point in this video:

               Let us now unite voluntarily, as a collective human consciousness, and allow all to express themselves peacefully however they wish.  

“And if peace scares you, and if love scares you, and if Joy scares you , then I don’t think good things are going to Happen in your future because I believe that all of these will become realized in our society in my lifetime” – Source:

May we all find and then live continually in Love&Joy&Peace
And to my Arab brothers and sisters, Salam


Laws against Aereo violate American Liberty, Equality & Rule of Law                                                                            Twitter: @PeaceEmpowers

My name is Caleb Ball and I am a content creator , founder of , a website wherein I advocate better ways to treat each other, ways we can empower ourselves to be happy, and ways which we can live peacefully.

I also was in the US Army Reserves for 6 years.  I am a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in history, and I love the founding principles of our nation: liberty equality and the rule of law. 

Is it within the values of liberty, equality and fairness in rule of law to deny content creators like me, access to to content consumer, which I have been my entire life, via a 3rd party. 

I’d argue no. 

If you disagree with my viewpoint, then how is it within the values of liberty, equality and fairness in the rule of law?

          I argue that obstruction between content creators like me, and content consumers like all of us, would be a violation of American values as it violates each value we share.  It violates liberty as is desables our freedom to share the content we produce with the people whom desire it.  It obstructs equality, as this obstruction of freedom to share is not done equally.  The Cable companies are free to share their content with consumers whom would enjoy it, however the rest of us are not currently afforded the same freedom.  Of course, the cable companies do produce great content , perhaps better than what many of us could create together, yet their proficiency in content creation should not be reason to have laws which favor their company over others.  We all should be afforded equal freedom to share our content, under the law, as the cable companies are currently  provided.  This point demonstrates how it violates both equality and the rule of law, as we value it as a nation, despite the letter of the law itself.

If you disagree, then what specific sentence or sentences do you object to and why?

The letter of the law, as it currently exists, represents starch influence by a oligopoly of content producers, which came to exist through the mergers of mega-cable content producers, through time.  I find no issue in mergers themselves, but great issue with their usage of their empowerment, through uniting with another company, to influence law-makers in a direction which conflicts with our shared values.  I do not believe this is done in a mean-spirited fashion but I believe it is likely done out of selfishness. 

The internet empowers content producers like me the opportunity to have the freedom to share, and still be adequately compensated.  Content creators have gotten extremely wealthy, without the need to be a cable company, and often in spite of the cable companies desires:

Examples like John & Hank Green, Phillip Defranco, and Bo Burnham come to mind. 

Companies like Netflix, whose content like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, millions of my fellow Americans enjoy and as such Netflix is extremely profitable, though mostly profitable due to their facilitation of content sharing.

Then cable service providers are facilitators of content sharing too.  As such, they should be compensated in some fashion for their facilitation.  Perhaps the fair thing in this case would be to allow Aereo to continue their service which vast quantities of our fellow Americans enjoy, but rule that they compensate the facilitators of the content with a reasonable amount that harms the ability of neither to continue growing their profit margins, perhaps in the range of 8-10% . 

Yet the need for compensation for facilitation, a real need in our society, must not be cause for use to violate the liberty of other facilitators to provide a means for content creators to share with content consumers.  It should also not violate equality in treatment under the law between Aereo and great facilitators like Directtv and Dish Network.  I’ve used both of their services, and I’d recommend both as facilitators but as an independent and poor college student I don’t have the means to buy their service, the facilitation of sharing.

Yet I do have the means to pay for an internet connection, as it is a priority because of the amazing things it empowers me to do, and as it enables superior facilitation of sharing between content creators and content consumers.

In closing, I’d love for our discussion on this to go viral, and I don’t care if my name is mentioned one time.  My ego is not what is at stake here, nor would I be much bothered if it were.  What is at stake here is violating our shared American values of the freedom to act, to paint our desires and dreams into reality, and the equality and fairness under rule of law to be empowered to do so. 

Let us all live love, joy and peace constantly,
May we live in accordance with our values, and through so be blessed in course of our future.
Caleb  Ball
(Senior, History)
Twitter: @PeaceEmpowers




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